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Prayer request from David Hathaway to FGB UKAnd Ireland
posted 14/08/2018

This event is on Saturday 8 September 2018

Dear Folks,

Although this event is being addressed to the people of Britain and many of we who are living in Ireland might want to dismiss it

Saturday 8 September, Westminster Central Hall

Britain is in crisis. Christians and Government are divided – our whole future is in question. Britain was once a Godly Nation but has now turned away from God. Brexit and the Authority of the Bible have divided church and state.

In October the EU will make the decision over Brexit, we have a last opportunity as Christians to determine our future according to the Will of God not man. Psalm 133 says, ‘When Brethren dwell in unity, the Lord commands the blessing’. We can change Britain through the power of prayer when we unite in intercession.

We need you to join us to stand in unity on a Day of Prayer and Repentance, Saturday 8th September in the Central Hall Westminster – this is the 78th anniversary of the King’s call to the nation to pray in the war in 1940.

Intercession will be led by: David Hathaway, Jonathan Oloyed

Day of Prayer

Day of prayer for Britain