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Report on Cork Advance 5-7th 06/14
posted 01/07/2014

This event is on Friday 1 August 2014

Fourteen FGB pilgrims set out from Belfast, Craigavon and limerick to help revive our Cork chapter and to promote our 36th All Ireland Convention. We met our key man in Cork James Doherty over the Pentecost weekend. James had organised the meeting place in the Jury's Inn ,Anderson's Quay in the heart of the city. We had also planned to meet our American visitor Douglas Raine who was doing outreach on the streets with a group of young Americans.Douglas is the National Outreach Director for FGBMFA. To see some of the things that God is doing with young men in FGB go to their web site at http://www.fgbt.org We met Douglas on Thursday evening and he told us about the things going on in USA and gave us some practical if not challenging strategies that we might use here in a Ireland . On Friday morning we had a meeting with 'Life fm ' Cork Christian Radio station and we invited Douglas to joint us in our live on air broadcast. Our hostess was Anna Daly who graciously interviewed us in three areas of FGB life. Douglas represented FGB USA , Harry Magee spoke for FGB Ireland and Stuart Watson (a nineteen year old music student from Queens University Belfast ) spoke on what attracted him to the FGB Belfast chapter. The interview lasted over twenty minutes and raised many questions about FGB's what ,where and why. We would like to thank Mr Brian Daly for this opportunity to speak about FGB on air . Tune in to Life FM 93.1 or visit their website on www.lifefm.ie Our meetings consisted of praise and worship and testimonies. We had no guest speakers but let the Holy Spirit have His freedom and this led to people who felt moved by God giving their testimony. We had nothing planned except to worship God and let his Holy Spirit flow among us.We were encouraged by a few visitors on the Saturday night and body ministry took place.This resulted in prayer and three visiting gentlemen receiving the gift of the baptism of the Holy Spirit. Praise The Lord !! We also took to the streets on Friday and Saturday to spread the gospel through the vision of FGB .We did this by giving out Voice magazines , John's Gospels and information on the weekend and our future all Ireland convention in November. Cork city centre was a difficult place to do this work as they were inundated by other groups of people doing the same thing. However God blessed our street outreach by helping us give out most of our literature and allowing us to share the love of God with many who we came in contact with. We were able to share our testimonies with street musicians , business men and market traders to name but a few. We had the privilege of sharing, blessing and praying with some of them .Our youngest member led three young ladies to The Lord ,one of whom was homeless and was supplied with a whole new set of clothing. One young busker commented that he had never met Christians like us before . His previous experience was one of him being harassed by placard waving people with messages about how he was going to hell. We give God all the glory for the doors He opened in Cork during that Pentecost weekend and believe that there are greater things to come especially at our 36th All Ireland convention in Cork this November. We thank Him for all the people we met and the new links He brought across our paths.