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37th All Ireland Convention Report Oct 2015
posted 20/10/2015

This event is on Saturday 17 October 2015

Dear friends and members We have just finished our 37th All Ireland convention with almost 100 pilgrims arriving at the Radisson hotel in Athlone. We met our American guests Douglas ,Laverne,Chris and John ; as well as visitors from England ,Scotland and all over Ireland. We had a wonderful time in the hotel ,on the streets and in local churches. Special thanks to Athlone Methodist and River of Life church for their invitations . It was marvellous to see God working both on the streets and in the hotel and churches. People were hungry to experience the personal touch of our Lord through His Holy Spirit and we saw people give their lives over to the Lord in the streets and inside the hotel. Young people were commissioned for action and this year we had a larger number of people on the streets as we worshiped and gave out bibles, voice magazines and CDs. We thank our American guests for their inspiring stories,both on 'Spirit radio Dublin' and in the hotel . Especially Douglas for his teaching on street evangelism and ways of getting organised. (all bible based) We also thank' Life FM Cork ' Christian radio for our two live interviews on the previous two weeks. The feedback sessions were so exciting as we listened to stories of how men and women stepped out in faith,with instruments,bibles,Voice magazines,CDs and a PA system and let God use them. There were a number of people who went out for the first time and as one of our director's noticed ' with fear and trembling -but returned with joy and laughter.' These feedback sessions enabled us to evaluate their success and learn how be more effective next time. There was a call for us to attract more young people to join with suggested 'new Nets' to be used. I want to thank all those who helped in the planning and operation of this event . Glory be to God !
FGB Athlone Convention report
Report From Athlone convention 2015