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Dublin Outreach Meetings Report 2016
posted 25/06/2016

This event is on Saturday 9 July 2016

There have been three outreach meetings to Dublin in advance of our a national convention in November. Two of the three have been set up by our friend and member Des Murphy .These two meetings have been one day visits based at the 'Footprints' bookshop in Talbot Street in the heart of Dublin city..The third meeting was a weekend located at the Regency Hotel using the 'Footprints' bookshop as our centre in Dublin. The meetings had praise,prayer,new life stories and drama. They also provided the opportunity to meet new friends and share the FGB vision. The weekend meeting centered on street work with praise ,new life stories and song. Thanks to our good friends Trevor and Helen for the music and to our members and friends who shared the gospel FGB style with Voice magazines,flyers and Johns gospels. The main aim of our visit was threefold . To spread the gospel ,to promote our national convention in November and to open doors in Dublin again and set up a new chapter . We give thanks to the Lord for enabling us to make a good start in each of these areas. We are hoping to have another outreach meeting in Dublin before the convention Please download our brochure giving the details of our convention in November by clicking the attachment below.
National Convention 2016
38th convention Dublin Nov16 FGB/BMF Joint venture